Unsere Zukunft hat Geschichte

Our company is young, but we already have a long history and lots of valuable competence.
Caverion was established through the demerger of Building Services and Industrial Services businesses from YIT Group in June 2013.

We have a long heritage with roots in many different countries. As part of YIT, our roots go back to 1912 in Finland. In some divisions, the roots of later integrated companies go back even to the 19th century.

Through organic growth and several mergers and acquisitions, we developed to become the Caverion we are today. And this journey is continuing with several acquistions in recent time such as Maintpartner, Huurre and Pelsu, to name just some. While we initially only built water supply plants, today we design, build, operate and maintain user-friendly and energy efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants– with many long-term customer relationships lasting already decades.

We keep building and renewing Caverion to stay at the top all the time with new talent, smart technologies and commercial models, answering and anticipating changing customer requirements.